Friday, March 12, 2010

Newspaper pots

This is the first time I make newspaper pots for sowing seeds indoors.
I took a pill bottle and wrapped newspaper around it and folded the bottom over. I had a bit of trouble keeping the pots from coming undone but at the end I had something resembling a working pot to sow my seeds in. I will fill them with coir.

Like I said, keeping the bottom from coming undone was the tricky part. I did not want to use anything else besides newspaper so I am relying on friction to hold the thing together.

I will try a few and see how I do. If they work well, I will try to figure out a better way to make them.

I also took the cardboard tube from a spent paper towel roll and cut it into sections. I am trying a couple right now to see how they hold up.

I checked my Winter Sowing experiment and the seeds have not sprouted yet.

Yep, my dog Lexie jumped the fence and dug up all my peas. Time to change the fence and re-sow the peas.


  1. Novel idea to use newspaper pots... love to see how they fare.. ~bangchik

  2. I am so sorry about the peas...some field mice got mine! I replanted last week.

    I have used newspaper pots before. Once they were filled and watered they seem to 'settle down'

    I'm off to look around you blog some more, Kim

  3. Yawn

  4. Inadvertent, yeah, I found that once the pots had wet soil in them the sat all nice and straight.

    Hey Tim! Are you growing anything this season or are you done with gardening? Did you get any tomatoes or peppers last year?