Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am feeling hot hot hot

It's been 80+ for the last few days and my new wick-watering experiment is a total success. I planted a couple of Marygolds in a pot and this time I put a much wider wick connected to a bigger water container -a plastic milk gallon jug. Not only has the wick stayed wet during the very hot, very sunny days, but the soil is moist throughout. Now, there is one itsy, bitsy issue with this method of watering and that is it's sheer ugliness. So, I don't imagine that it is going to take with the population at large but for growing vegetables such as squash, or maybe a cucumber plant, this method should work great.

My Amateur's Dream tomato plant continues to outperform all the others with the Urbikany coming a close second. The Amateur's Dream is loaded with tomatoes. The fruit is a medium sized, red tomato. I can't wait to taste it!

The first pepper plant to produce this year is my Mini-Bell. These are supposed to be miniature bell peppers. All my pepper plants decided to start growing this week. They were small for the longest time. Here's the first pepper of the season:

I love my volunteer plants this year. This is the first year I've had any volunteer vegetables.
First I saw what appears to be a cucurbitas of some kind. I grew Sugar Baby watermelon here last year so this could be a watermelon. I also grew cucumbers here so it could be a cucumber as well.

Then, all of a sudden, this tomato plant just appeared! I swear I did not see it 2 days ago. I grew Galina cherry tomatoes and Black Russian tomatoes here last year so it could be either of those.

I ate my first lettuce of the season. It was a Thumb Tom and it was delicious. A squirrel dug up all my second batch of radishes. I have a third batch doing well in a container so I am ok.
I planted my sweet corn in a spot that doesn't get full sun all day and they are leaning a bit. I will leave them be to see what happens.
My puppy chewed on my new rain barrel and spilled all my rain water. So now I have two barrels I have to fix. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow so hopefully I will refill them.

Over and out.


  1. The marigold flowers are pretty. I hope the squirrels would not attack your little young tomato plants :-)

  2. Your tomatoes and peppers look great! My own peppers got off to an unusually slow start this year, too -- slow to germinate, slow to grow. Can't blame the weather since I started them indoors. Who knows what multitude of factors affect them...

  3. I too ate my first lettuce and radishes yesterday, delicious. Your water wick is ingenious and so what if it's not pretty..the yummy veggies will be your reward.

  4. Stephanie,
    Thank you. The squirrels try to land on the tomato stakes so occassionally they knock the tomato buckets over. My puppy has kept most of them out of the yard but one or two manage to get through.

    I left my peppers in small pots for two long and it stunted their growth. Next year I'll know better.

    I figure next year I'll put flower pots around all my ugly watering gizmos to try to pretty things up a bit but you are right about the rewards!