Friday, April 17, 2009

The road to my garden is paved with good intentions

This week:

I bought the material to fix the screen on my rain barrel. The bug screen in the barrel was bashed in by a two legged garden predator. Beware of 3 year old boys bearing hammers. And how did he come by a hammer? Really, besides the fact that I am a terrible parent, 3 year old boys gravitate to the most dangerous activity/object in their vicinity. It's in their genes. When I am outside, my boys outnumber me.
Anyway, I bought the material but I did not have the time to fix the barrel. Maybe this weekend.

I bought the wire mesh to make the sifter to sift the river rock from the flower bed upfront. The original owner of the house had landscaped using smooth river pebbles. The next owner, whom I bought the house from, let the flower bed go for 6 years and the river pebbles sunk into the bed.
Did not get to make the sifter. Between my wife's work schedule, and my sick toddler there was not time. Maybe this weekend.

I bought a Blueberry bush. This is my fourth Blueberry bush. My previous 3 have not made it. I am not giving up. This bush is more mature than the other 3. It's sitting in its store pot outside. Maybe this weekend.

I bought compost to amend the soil where the sunflowers are going. It's sitting in my garage.
Maybe this weekend.

I got the wood to make the strawberry bed. The strawberries are inside under lights wondering when the heck I am going to give them a proper place to grow.
Maybe this weekend.

I got the totes to make into self-watering containers for the remainder of my peppers. Maybe this weekend.

My friend kept calling wondering when we are going to build the protective cage for all my containers. Maybe this weekend.

Life is what happens when you are making gardening plans.


  1. Life is what happens when you are making gardening plansI love that. Thanks for visiting my blog, David.

  2. Lots of work ahead -- me, too! With regard to the 3 year old -- got to kid-proof the garden, in addition to the house!

  3. the local gravity of dangerous objects and children defies all known physics. i once busted two 10 year olds climbing a refrigerator to get the iron i had cleverly stashed up there. if you are southern, this condition might be with you all your life. i still have a hard time keeping myself away from the fireworks and power tools, good intentions or no!