Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Green is your Green?

Noxious fumes-emitting lawn mower and weed-eater. Bad.

Electrical lawn mower and weed-eater. Better, but still, we are talking about plastic, electronics, and toxic materials (used in the electronic boards).

Old timey manual push mower and garden shears. Good. The old ones (do they make new ones?) were made of steel and wood, both breakdown in the soil, eventually.

Goats. After they're done mowing the lawn, you can eat them (unless, as someone else has noted, you've given them a name).


  1. My geese are pretty good lawn mowers and weed eaters!

  2. islandgardener,
    I did not know that. Aren't they loud though? Also, the ones around here (Canadian geese) are pretty mean.

  3. Love this. Dead on target. I'm so glad some communities are banning some of the worst machines. EPA has set new emissions limits on them, too. But the noise!

  4. I've never owned a lawnmower of any type because I've never had a lawn. When I first started gardening and removed my lawn, I did it because I hated mowing. If I had way more space than I do, I'd probably still figure out a way to get by without a lawn. I've yet to meet a homeowner who doesn't fret about the condition of their lawn, unless they simply don't care. In the summer, drought can be a frequent issue and I'd rather have perennials that can cope without much extra moisture. I've got a steel spade and garden tools. Oh, and a wicker rake.