Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snow Falling On Onions

Sure, not near as poetic as Snow Falling On Cedars but I don't grow cedars. At least not yet.

That's one of my baby onions poking through the snow.

Here's what my garden looked like this afternoon:

Here are more images of SPRING from my yard:

My poor baby pear tree will drop all of its foliage:

I don't know if it was the excitement of all the snow or what but my puppy Lexie decided to snack on one of the potato bags. I don't know how she untied the chicken wire. Smart girl...

And now, let's look at how my chiltepin plant is doing. She has spent some time outside and has done well, even in a very windy day. She is nice and safe inside until it warms up again.

Last but not least is my potato experiment. I saw on a video that potatoes don't transplant well. I had a few pieces of my seed potatoes left after I planted the potatoe bags and I did not want to waste them so I put them in peat pots. When I checked on them yesterday this is what I saw:

According to, we have a few more nights of sub-freezing lows. My peppers are all outgrowing their peat pots and they need to be put on their self-watering containers soon.
Here's to Spring!


  1. Had to do a double take on the date when I saw all those snow photos! Yuck, but you're getting very cool pics.

  2. Yeah, I sure hope this is the last snow we get this year, although we've gotten snow in April before.
    Of course, the problem wasnt' the snow, the problem was the 27 degree low. We actually needed the snow so that the moisture goes mostly into the ground instead of running off into the gutters.
    Today I find out what happened to all my seedlings that were growing in the beds.