Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Robust tomato plants

So far, this Market Miracle tomato plant has lived despite my neglect. I decided to put the plant outside because I believed we were in for a week's worth of above-freezing temperatures but I was wrong. This plant, along with a Brandywine tomato plant, has lived through at least 3 nights of sub-freezing and windy conditions. I expected them to be dead when I came home from work today but they were still alive so I brought them into the house for a well deserved break.


  1. I never heard of such a thin--tomato plants, yound tomato plants no less, surviving subzero temperatures? I hope they didn't just keel over in shock when you brought them in.

    And thanks for stopping by the Manic recently.

  2. They are still alive and they are still inside due to cold temperatures. I have no idea as to why they survived unless my yard is a micro climate :-)
    One of them IS a Siberian tomato so maybe it is used to those temperatures...